Terms Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our service policy is made to make you feel better while shopping at GoldenFam. But there are some terms and conditions that apply to every visitor and customer on our site. These terms and conditions are made specially to reserve our owner's rights and customer rights. These conditions are drafted to make it easy for us to serve people without any dispute. All the disputes at the present and in the future will be resolved based on these terms and conditions. Every visitor needs to read all these terms and conditions.

Agree To Our Policies

First of all, we request all the visitors and customers to read our privacy policies and data usage page. As a visitor, you must agree to all of our privacy policy and data usage rights by default. If you are still unaware of that information, we recommend you to visit that page and read about it.

Who Can Use This Site?

It makes a difference upon the question of who can use this site. It all depends upon the demographic or geographical profile of every customer. So the customers or the website visitors who don't match the eligibility requirements cannot avail of the services that we provide on our website. With these terms and conditions, we are requesting all the visitors to check on your eligibility. There will be no disputes entertained in the future on the eligibility.


The pricing system for all of the products is very clear and transparent. On every product page, you can see the price. However at the time of check out there will be more charges like service fees, taxes, shipping charges, etc will be added. So there can be a difference between the cart price and the last final price shown to you at the moment you opt for check out. Prices are never hidden on any of our pages. While checking out with your favorite products on GoldenFam, you will find clearly described prices and it's the breakdown. There will be no claims on the price differences. Other than these products are sold at genuine prices and all these prices fluctuate according to the factors like wholesale market rate, manufacturing costs, market trends, etc.

Product Catalog

There are different product categories in our product catalog. This catalog has many types of products. It is always the right of GoldenFam, which products have to be added in which category. No customer claims are entertained about the product catalogs. Customers don't have any right to ask to add or remove any product from our catalog. However, suggestions to improve our product catalog are always welcome. But till the end, it will be completely GoldenFam’s right to decide which products to be listed.


We have our shipping policy. Shipping charges can vary from customer to customer depending upon the demographic or geographical location, product type, product size, and weight. Also, transportation policy, government policies, and the environment can fluctuate the charges. It is recommended to all of the customers to check the shipping charges, its breakdown, and shipping policy before ordering any product. No further claims about the shipping time and charges will be entertained by GoldenFam.

Payment Options

We have several payment options for our customers. Customers can use any of these payment options. But there will be no right of the customer to ask to pay through any unlisted payment method. However, any customer can suggest GoldenFam add any new payment options. However, the final decision will be the subject of copyright under GoldenFam copyright.

Special Offers (Discounts)

We here on GoldenFam have many special offers, deals, sales, and discount offers for our customers. But every discount offer, special offer, or deal has its validity and eligibility. It is GoldenFam’s right to draft the rules for the validity and eligibility of the discounts. Validity and eligibility will be different for each offer. Before ordering anything you must check your eligibility and the validity of the discount that you want.

Order Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy

Sometimes customers want to cancel the orders. There are particularly drafted rules to cancel the orders. If you are canceling a prepaid order then there will be different rules. However, on the postpaid order cancellation, there will be different policies applied. GoldenFam reserves its right to make the return and refund policy for the canceled order.

Reuse Of Public Information

Public information on GoldenFam such as comments, reviews, etc. is the subject of copyright. Only GoldenFam has the right to share, reproduce, represent, or reuse the publicly shared information. The customers share their reviews, experiences, comments, and suggestions with us as public information. As we have the ownership rights of the website, we have the complete right to reuse. We reuse it only for promotions, publications, etc. No third parties are involved in reusing the public information or reactions given by our customers.

Copyright of GoldenFam

GoldenFam has all the copyrights. All the images, details, content, offers are subject to copyright. No other third party can reuse or reproduce the content that GoldenFam has on the site. However, our customers can share products anywhere on social media or personally with friends, family, or anyone. But it is necessary to give credit to the GoldenFam and share the link of products too. So that one can reach and avail of this service on GoldenFam.


If anybody has any issue with our privacy policy, data usage, or copyrights, he/she can write to us at info@goldenfam.com. We will try our best to resolve the issue.