Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We here at GoldenFam are very serious about the privacy of our customers. We do not distribute or share your data with anyone else. Every website visitor or customer worries a lot about their privacy. But here you don't have to worry about it. We have maintained a secure system for the privacy of our customers. Maybe you are required to provide some information on our site while availing our services. Different kinds of information are shared by our customers with us. And we have different information usage rules and privacy policies.


In this privacy policy and data usage information “we” refers to the GoldenFam and “you” refers to our visitor or the customer. We use the data of our customers only for improving the quality of our service. No third parties are involved in the privacy policy and data usage on our website. We only GoldenFam has created this privacy policy to make it safe for our customers to avail of our services.

Personal Information

The very first and the most important thing that is provided by our customers on our site is personal information. This personal information is provided by customers at the moment of ordering products. This information has many parameters and each of them is important for us. We have specific guidelines and security recommendations for our team while getting any personal information parameter from the customer.

Address, Name, And Other Information

Personal information has an address, name, and other information involved in it. The address involved in it is used to deliver the products to your doorstep. While the Name, Last Name, Username, and some other credentials are used for your shoppers account identification. Other than this a password is also used to login into your shopper account. This password is visible to the account owner or the user only.

Secure Payment

After personal information, the payment gateway credentials are important too. No matter which payment system you choose. We cover all these payment systems under web security. Your payments and the credentials used are safe always.

Paypal/Card Credentials

Without any doubt, you can pay through any system that you have. You can pay through PayPal or debit cars. GoldenFam never uses your card information anywhere. The control is always in your hands. Only you can use all these credentials at the time of shopping. We never store or use your PayPal and banking card credentials anywhere.

Contact Information

Your contact information is used to communicate with you after you have ordered a product from GoldenFam. Other than this, there is no other purpose for which your contact information is used. All kinds of contact information are never sold or distributed to any third party.

Email & Mobile Number

The most common contact details that customers provide is an Email address and mobile numbers. Both of these are secure on GoldenFam. Because we use these contact details to update you about orders only. Emails and mobile numbers will be used only to update you about the dispatch, delivery timing, and all the other order related updates only.

Mailing List

Sometimes we find great offers for our lucky customers on GoldenFam. We make a mailing list for our customers. Through this mailing list, we send notifications about discounts, offers, and sales to customers. Sometimes we use the email address of customers for this purpose. However, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletters.

Cookies & Cache Files

Cookies and cache files can be sent to your computer or device by our website through your browser. These cookies are sent with a meaningful purpose. The purpose is to make browsing faster for visitors. These files are sent to customers only if they accept the cookies and cache files through their browsers. After you accept these files, you will feel a better experience on our website. Cookies & cache files sent by our site will be safe and secure. They never contain any malware, trojan, or virus. All these files are scanned by antivirus and anti-malware systems. So they won't harm your device and never steal any data from it.

No Distribution

The distribution policy is very clear on GoldenFam. There is no distribution system used in our servers. We never collect information from our customers to distribute it. So as a customer you must be relaxed about it. Your personal information, contact information, Address, and almost every data is never distributed. This useful information can be used for improving the services for better customer experience. But no third parties get this data from us ever.


All the above-mentioned details about the privacy policy and data usage are very important. We recommend every visitor or customer to read complete details with patience. Browsing our website and ordering anything from it is safe and secure. So before you start worrying about the data usage and privacy policy of GoldenFam. Must read the above details.